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Tea Towels: Tea Time
Garrison Keillor perfectly describes the delight of hospitality in his book "Wobegon Boy":
Aunt Eleanor had a beautiful garden. "She was my ideal. She lived her life as best she could and never complained." Said mother "One her best days, there was no one more generous and fun to be with, and on her worst days, she kept quiet about it. She loved to have people over for coffee. She laid out a nice white cloth on the table and set out her best cups and saucers and the creamer and sugar bowl, the good napkins, a plate of fresh cookies, and berries in season, and she sat at the head of the table and poured coffee and it went on for hours. She was never in a rush. She was a country person. Hospitality was everything to her." - pg. 102

Not only will an apron protect your clothes from any potential cooking stains and save you from running for the stain remover, but it will also enable you to create your culinary concoctions with class. Putting on an apron allows you to leave behind the pressures of the day and escape into your kitchen. You can be whoever you feel like being in your apron, in your kitchen. Have a few aprons according to your mood: feeling springy and bright - put on your floral design, feeling professional or sophisticated - pull out the bistro apron. There is one to express anyone's individual personality.


How much more will you enjoy being in your kitchen when you are wearing an apron you love with matching tea towels abounding. Too many women and men daily chop and cook their meals in haste adding to the workday they have often come back from, not caring if the towels are terry cloth or linen, or even wearing an apron! Imagine escaping into your kitchen with delight as you slip into your favorite apron, click on the ipod, and swing around the kitchen creating the culinary delight for the evening. Having an apron and matching kitchen towels allows your cooking experience to shift from inconvenient havoc hastiness to a place where you belong, reign and relax as you master your meal.

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