Custom Printing

Quality printing on Quality linen ... endless possibility

Click Here for Custom Printing with -ful studio

-ful studio can provide custom designs according to your production needs. For example, if you are a local gift shop and would like a kitchen towel with the local lighthouse or other landmark that would have specific and personal significance to your customer and would be a product only you would carry, -ful can do that for you. With design, manufacturing and sewing capabilites as well as the ability to print on wide width fabric (120"), -ful can provide virtually any textile product.

Mission Statement

-ful Studio takes your concept or design and gives it use and meaning, just as the suffix '-ful' connotates the usage or meaning of the word it is affixed to as being full, or having much. It is our hope to take your idea to its full potential by providing a venue to help you design it, print it on quality fabric, and then to manufacture it into the home product you desire to produce. Send us your design and desired end product and we will work with you to make your creation a reality. Unlike screening which leaves behind a plastic type texture, our high quality digital printing doesn't impair the absorbance of the fabric,

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