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Oak leaf Damask and Irish Linen Tea Cosies
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Crown your teapot with an Irish Linen Tea Cozy for the perfect cup of tea. Trimmed with intricately woven cotton lacework, these tea cosies (or cozies) come in solid white - which lends itself to personalization or embellishing, or with an embroidered claddagh ring or claddagh shamrock. The tea cozies have a removable linen cover for easy care. The Oak Irish Linen Damask tablecloth on this page is a classic American design. Acorns being a symbol throughout American history of hard work and prosperity, for example has been used by Rockefeller in decorating the ironwork in Grand Central Station, NY. Therefore, this design would work in Americana designs or in traditional homes. The pattern of this linen damask cloth is created by weaving, and the luminous quality is achieved by long floats of warp and weft set at perpendicular angles

Oak Leaf Damask Tablecloth: A favorite design throughout American history the Oak Leaf Damask Tablecloth is made of 100% Irish Linen and is available in measurements of 72" x 90" - #218090, 72" x 108" - #218108 , 72" x 126" - #218126, 72" x 144" #218144. The Irish linen damask tablecloths also come in oblong or oval sizes 72" x 90V - #218090V, 72" x 108V" - #218108V , 72" x 126V" - #218126V. And in round sizes the Oak Leaf Damask Tablecloth is available in 72" round, product #218072R.

Oak Leaf Damask Napkins: Slightly less expensive these Irish Linen Oak Leaf Damask Napkins are available in measurements of 18 x 18" - #218018, and 22 x 22" - #218022.

Solid White Irish Linen Tea Cozy: This Irish Linen Tea Cosy is ideal for embellishing, embroidery or printing. The product # is 29CRWT.

Claddagh Ring Irish Linen Tea Cozy: This Irish Linen Claddagh Ring Tea Cosy is a beautiful symbol of love in Irish heritage, #29CRWT.

Claddagh Shamrock Irish Linen Tea Cozy: The classic and beautiful shamrock design on the Claddagh Shamrock Irish Linen Tea Cosy provides an elegant and sophisticated touch to your tea time, 29CDWT.

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