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Kitchen Towels and Dishcloth
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These Kitchen Towels are a classic must for everyone's kitchen. The Glass Towels come in red, blue, yellow, and green; in designer style and high quality they are a popular product. Providing red crab for the west coast and blue crab for the east coast, and of course red lobster as well, these towels have been a staple for many of our coastal gift shops and restaurants. The linen dish cloth, a simply plain utilitarian product, is ironically our number one seller - once customers have used this product they are loyal to it, and cannot live without it. Due to its wide weave, this dish cloth dries out much faster than its terry counterparts, and therefore doesn't get that gross smell. Therefore, using these dish cloths is cleaner and cuts down on kitchen laundry. The windowpane style linen towels are also a traditional style, are available in blue, red, yellow, and green. Customers have used this product for much more than your ordinary towel - for curtains and table coverings in restaurants. The window pane is also sold as hemmed toweling by the yard. The Old fashioned 20" x 30" cotton towels have a checkered design that is fully described by their title; they are an essential for an Americana country style.

Product on this page: Glass Towels 20" x 30" Linen Towels Blue 9000BL, Yellow 9000YL, Red 9000RD, Green 9000GN, Windowpane 20" x 30" Linen Towels Blue GL5BL Red GL5RD Yellow GL5YL Green GL5GN, Windowpane toweling by the yard 18" width, Old Fashion 20" x 30", Cotton Towels Blue OFBL Yellow OFYL Red OFRD Green OFGN, Red Lobster with Red Stripes J503RD, Red Lobster with Blue Stripes J503BL, Blue Crab with Blue Stripes J512BL, Blue Crab with Red Stripes J512RD, Red Crab with Red Stripes J511RD, Red Crab with Blue Stripes J511BL, Vegetables Blue J156BL,Vegetables Yellow J156Y, Roosters J125BL, Czech Linen - 15" x 15" Dish Cloth 1030C.00.

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