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Fine Dining Tablecloths - A family heirloom forever.
Hemstitch: Giorgio Armani once described linen as "a noble product". Nobility is apparent when the cloth is hand thread drawn and hemstitched. This simple elegance has an understated appeal and almost any size cloth can be supplied. A hemstitched cloth also lends itself well to personalizing and embellishing.
Damask: A fine linen damask tablecloth provides a beautiful display of weavers' art. Named after the ornamental fabrics from Damascus, these cloths have intricate patterns formed by weaving. These rich designs, ranging from the classic Irish Shamrock to the simple elegance of the Satin Band are brought out by different angles of light. This affect is achieved by long floats of warp and weft set at perpendicular angles. All of this careful craftsmanship comes together to create a splendid cloth; a stunningly beautiful dining experience.
Double Damask: The finest cloth is obtained when the double damask weaves are used. These cloths have more threads per square inch than the singe damask, resulting in an even richer cloth.

Pure Linen Tablecloths

Hemstitched Linen Tablecloths

Russian Avonova: Floral Leaf Hemstitched Damask

Dolmen Fine Scroll

Shamrock and Celtic Irish Linen Damask

Satin Band Damask and Chrysanthemum Damask

Celtic Scroll Colmicille Damask

Oak leaf Damask and Irish Linen Tea Cosies

Irish Linen Double Damask

Chrysanthemum, Satin Band and Fine Scroll Double Damask

Contessa White Damask and Monica Etamine Damask

White Cotton Damask

Vivaldi Double Damask

Hemstitched Napkins and Placemats

Irish Linen Etamine Placemats and Plain Hemmed Napkins

Gingham Checkered Napkins, Placemats, and Fabric

Easy Care Napkins

Hot Roll Cover

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