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Russian Avonova: Floral Leaf Hemstitched Damask
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An elegant Italian designed damask tablecloth gives an extra touch of beauty as the floral leaf pattern graces its border with a crepe textured center. Made of 100% linen and woven in Avonova Russia, the cloth has 120 threads per square inch, has a thread drawn hemstitched border and mitered corners in the old world tradition. This elegant tablecloth can be used either in the traditional sense or in a contemporary setting and is available in white and natural tones.

The Floral Leaf is a truly unique and elegant cloth. Few tablecloths are both damask and hemstitched, however the quieter damask border is what makes this cloth one of a kind. The delicate pattern gracefully mimics the morning glory vine as it gently swirls in rhythmic linear patterns of interlacing foliage. The crepe texture in the center of the cloth creates the satisfying weight that is the mark of quality. To make a truly distinguished table combine both the white and natural colors to accentuate the unusual beauty of the Floral Leaf.

Italian Hemstitched Damask Tablecloth: Many clients enjoy mixing and matching the two tones of these floral leaf hemstitched damask cloths to make a dramatic affect. As seen in the image above Russian avonova neutral toned hemstitched runner is on top of the white hemstitched cloth.

Italian Linen Hemstitched Damask Napkins: These beautifully dramatic hemstitched damask napkins made in Russia measure 21" square and are available in both neutral #66N021 and white #66W021 tones.

Russian Avonova Italian Linen Hemstitched Damask Placemats: The Floral Leaf pattern displayed in the linen hemstitched damask placemats is clearly visible in this size: 14" x 21". These hemstitched placemats are available in stately white 66W019, or naturally neutral 66N019.

Italian Linen Hemstitched Damask Runner: With a beautifully classic hemstitched border this linen damask runner makes a dining room table or sideboy look stunning. This linen hemstitched damask runner measures 19" x 70" and is available in white #66W070R and neutral #66N070R. This linen hemstitched damask runner can also be used on a plain linen hemstitched cloth.

Linen Hemstitched Damask Tablecloth: Italian designed, made in Russia, the Avonova Floral Leaf linen hemstitched Damask Tablecloth is classic and tasteful. This linen hemstitched damask tablecloth measures 66"square tablecloth and is available in white #66W066S and neutral #66N066S.

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