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Men's Boxed Handkerchiefs
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Spanish Cotton 16" personalized handkerchiefs are beautifully embroidered with sports motifs: tennis, equestrian, Nautical, Automobile, Hunting, Fishing, and Golf. This is the perfect gift for men, with a personal touch. For a more simplified look the 16" Prestige Club woven check is sharp hanky, or the sleek pinstripes give any guy a confident classy air. These handkerchiefs come beautifully boxed, ready for gift-rapping. It's absolutely the perfect gift for a coach or trainer.

Men's Boxed Handkerchiefs: Prestige Check 16" sq. Spanish Cotton Woven Check 10396WC, Embroidered Handkerchiefs Spanish Cotton 16" sq. Tennis 15253RTN, Equestrian 15253RHR, Nautical white 15253RNT, Nautical blue 15298PNT, Hunting white 15253RHT, Hunting green 15298PHT, Fishing green 15298PFH, Golf white 15253RGF, Golf green 15298PGF

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