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Gentlemen's Handkerchiefs
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A stylish man becomes a sharp gentleman with a white linen handkerchief. This accessory gives a man pride and elegance. A hemstitched or a hand-rolled corded tape handkerchief of the finest quality makes a choice men's gift. Choose from an 18" fine Irish linen ½" hemstitched hem, an 18" fine Spanish Linen with a 1" hem, or an 18" Spanish linen cotton corded tape handkerchief with a hand-rolled hem.

Men's Handkerchiefs: Hemstitched 18" sq. Fine Irish Linen 1/2" Hemstiched Hem W854L, Corded Tape 18" sq. Fine Spanish Linen-Cotton Hand-Rolled Hem 16051LC, Hemstitched 18" sq. Fine Spanish Linen 1" Hemstitched Hem 16150J.

Our gentlemen's handkerchiefs are available boxed in quantities of 1, 2, & 3, and in any combination. That is, if you would like three of the same handkerchiefs or three different men's handkerchiefs in one box you can order as you like. Our handkerchiefs are boxed per order to give our customers the widest range of product. Give a high quality handkerchief the beautiful presentation it deserves.

Gentlemen's Handkerchiefs
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