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Linen Dish Cloth
15" x 15" 100% pure Linen Dish Cloth 1030C00 is a unique and sensational product. This product has been a favorite among our customers for many years. Though this dishcloth is seemingly ordinary, it is very special in a completely practical way because it does not harbor bacteria as a terrycloth does. This dishcloth dries quickly and does not get musty because of its wide weave and antibacterial attributes associated with linen. Therefore, it can be used longer than a terrycloth counterpoint or without needlessly wasting paper towels. Once you've used this linen dish cloth you will never go back to cotton. The Dish Cloth is now available separately striped: Green, red, and blue. It is ideal for kitchens where equipment is color coded: green fro grains and vegetables, red for meat and blue for dairy. Or to keep cloths separate for general hygiene purposes. These are also 100% linen, 15" x 15", code: 1030CGN, 1030CRD, and 1030CBL.

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