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Irish Linen Etamine Placemats and Plain Hemmed Napkins
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The hidden gem of the Ulster Linen Company, the 100% Etamine Irish Linen Placemats have a beautiful texture and quality. These placemats would especially compliment a rich wooden dining room or kitchen table without covering it up. They are available in powder blue, dark blue, grey, burgundy, gold, dark green, sage, and sea green (or sea foam). To accent these placements we provide 100% linen plain hemmed napkins that are 20" square. They come in powder blue, grey, dark blue, light pink, pink, burgundy, gold, dark green, sage, sea green, pale green, and white. These matching placemats and napkins make casual dining a delectable delight.

Irish Linen Etamine Placemats: The Irish Linen Etamine Placemats have a beautiful texture, as one can feel the soft grain of the weave. These Etamine Placemats are 100% pure Irish Linen, measure 13 x 19" and are available in Powder Blue 19.317, Dark Blue 19.721, Grey 19.661, Burgundy 19.969, Gold 19.337, Dark Green 19.976, Sage 19.638, and Sea Green 19.535.

Irish Linen Plain Hemmed Napkins: These Irish Linen Napkins are made of 100% fine Irish Linen. This high quality plain hemmed napkin measures 20" square and is available in Powder Blue 89.317, Grey 89.661, Dark Blue 89.721, Light Pink, Pink 89.670, Burgundy 89.969, Gold 89.337, Dark Green 89.979, Sage 89.638, Sea Green 89.535, Pale Green 89.650, and White 89.000.

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