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Tea Cozies
Tea cozies have both a beautiful and practical purpose. Nothing crowns your table and welcomes the guest more than a well-dressed tea pot as it steeps. It brings such joyful anticipation to the moment. Tea cozies complete the infusion of the tea into the hot water. And of course the tea cozy will keep your tea hot for a second, third, or perhaps even fourth cup of tea; depending on how good the conversation or literature is. There are many shapes and sizes to consider. The muff cozy, a more contemporary shape, allows one to pour the tea without removing the cozy. The traditional U-shaped tea cozy covers the entire tea pot and traps in the steam, thus keeping the tea hot longer. For those who really enjoy expressing their fun personalities there is the Ginger Cat tea cozy in the shape of a purring red tabby cat, or the Cottage shaped tea cozy. Tea Cozies are for those who truly know how to delight in each moment of life.

Product on this page:
Hedgerow Muff Tea Cozy 707HDG and Hedgerow Tea Cozy 704HDG have a natural wild flower design with butterflies and green trim. Cottage Tea Cozy is a tea cozy cut, shaped and designed liked a cottage for those with fun quirky personalities.

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