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Waffle Weave Kitchen Towels
These 100% cotton waffle weave towels are a steal at the Ulster Linen Company. A popular item for years, these towels are in house Ulster Linen Company designs. These towels are popular because they retain the classic look with suttle understated designs to personalize your space. The designs of hearts, fish, dogs, cats, coffee, tea, grapes and wine glasses fit many tastes.

Waffle Weave Towels: 20 x 30" Cotton
Hearts HC115RD, HC115BL, HC115GN
Fish Frenzy HC160AQ, HC160BL
Cats at Play HC145BL, HC145RD
Grapes and Wine Bleached White HC133Cl, HC133GN, HC133BL
Grapes and Wine Unbleached HC133UBL, HC133UGN
Dogs at Play HC150YL
Tea and Coffee HC134GN, HC134RD, HC134BL

Hearty Hearts All linen kitchen Towels J900YL, J900GN, J900BL. Hearty Hearts are the only 100% Linen Jacquard woven towel Ulster Linen Company carries. This enables your kitchen towel to dry faster than the cotton counterpart, making it more useful in the kitchen and also more sanitary because the less time a towel is wet the less bacteria grows and smells.

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